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A consumer sees an advertisement that sparks their interest.

A consumer may be targeted through a variety of mediums like Email Marketing, Social Media and Display Ads, News Articles, or Search Engines.

A consumer fills out a lead form

The first step for a lead is an interested consumer requesting information about a service on a premium website.

Fresh Leads matches the lead to a buyer

Buyers in our system set which type and criteria of leads they want to receive. In real time our system finds a matching buyer for the lead, based on the options they selected.

Buyers call their leads

Leads are viewable in our CRM, or can be synced to one of 700 CRM systems

Leads are dispositioned

Leads are dispositioned based upon whether they turned into a sale, weren’t interested, or quoted for the service.

Buyers tweak their lead sources

Disposition data allows buyers to see exactly what their cost per sale per website they received leads from.

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