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How old are your leads?

Any lead in Fresh Leads was derived from a consumer who requested information within the last five minutes.

Where do your leads come from?

Any lead generated in Fresh Leads came from a consumer specifically requesting information about a certain product on one of our partner websites.

How do I know the leads are exclusive?

We guarantee that any lead you purchase in Fresh Leads was never resold to any other partners, and never will be. If you ever were to find otherwise, you can request a refund for the lead in question.

Do you generate your leads in house?

We generate some of our leads in house, but we also make leads available from premium partner websites as well. We give you full control over which websites you’re purchasing leads from. If you’d like to only purchase our in-house leads, then feel free to set your campaign to only receive leads from our internal sites. You can reach out to support for a list of our internal sites.

How do I pay for your leads?

In order to start buying leads, you just need to make a deposit into your Fresh Leads account. Then you create a lead campaign in Fresh Leads and set a bid you’re willing to pay per lead. As you start winning leads, your balance is reduced by the lead price. You can always request a refund for nay remaining balance.

Do you accept refunds?

Any invalid leads can be disputed in Fresh Leads, and you will be refunded for valid disputes, which returns the lead cost back to your account balance. Any remaining balance in your account can always be refunded by submitting a support ticket to our help desk.

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