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Fresh Leads is the easiest platform for lead buying. In a matter of minutes, you can launch a campaign and start buying leads.

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All leads available are guaranteed to be Exclusive. Meaning, they’ve never been or will be resold to anyone.

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Any lead you purchase was derived from a consumer who requested information within the last 5 minutes.

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Just fund your account and buy as many leads as you want, and stop buying at any time.

Growing Selection

We offer leads for most types of insurance and solar power. New industries are being added monthly.


Track your quote and close rates using our simple CRM system. Or sync with your CRM directly.


See exactly which sites your leads are coming from, and adjust your bid per site.

Lead Dispute

If you end up getting a lead with fake information, you can easily dispute it and request a refund in our CRM.

Intelligent Bidding Algorithm

Bid what you’re willing to pay for your leads. Whether leads are worth more in one location over another, or one source over another, you can easily bid accordingly.

Integrate with Zapier and over 700 other services

You can sync your leads with your own CRM, email management system, or one of 700 other web tools.

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Just create a Fresh Leads account and launch your first campaign, and you could start generating leads within minutes.

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Optimization Tools

Optimize which sources are providing results.


Directly integrate with your favorite CRMs & services.

Metrics & Tracking

Watch the ROI of your business skyrocket from amazing leads.

Never overpay for online leads again.

We give you full control over which sources you buy from, and how much you'd like to bid on each source. And our real-time bidding algorithm ensures you never overpay for a lead, even if you over-bid.

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